from by Jesse Hultberg

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J'ia marché sur tes pas braisant le bois dont on fait les prisons
J'ai plongé dans le bleu des yeux que tu portais sur moi
J'ai lu sur tes lèvres les mots dont on fait les poèmes

Finally I'm open to you at least part way
How long did it take?
But we love the game, the ritual we play, our feathers displayed
As we buck horns and splash in the waves
Then our trust is gained, it's gathered carefully
Like shattered glass, like a forest in flames

I'm through tip-toeing round you
I'm going to risk something baby
Try something new, don't be afraid
Salmon swimming upstream
We know it's a long haul
But then we're home free
When the end we reach

Sail with me to an open sea, islands unexplored
Archipelagos and reefs
Or sing with me an opera we don't know
We can follow along or we can write one of our own

I hope you're through tip-toeing round me
You can risk something baby see what we can be
I won't be afraid
Wildebeests on the plain
Yes it's a long haul but think what we'll have gained
When the end we reach

Shut the door
And I'll turn out the light
I want to feel you
I want to feel that it's all right


from Jesse Hultberg, released December 9, 2014




Jesse Hultberg Montpellier, France

Founding member of NYC band
3 Teens Kill 4.
Album "No Motive" Point Blank records 1982.
Performed at Wigstock in NY in the 80s. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wigstock
Appeared in the film Longtime Companion with the Fingerlakes Trio 1989 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longtime_Companion
Created Wildmonk Records and released the CD Jesse Hultberg 1994.
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