Our Open Eyes

from by Jesse Hultberg

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I've been out all night and dawn is so goddamn bright
I've never seen the sun pour down so much light
But it stays dark, it says in my eyes what's in my heart
Like an old dear friend I can call any time of the night

These people they don't see, though they're looking right at me
With nowhere to go they follow the impolite rules of the street
Nor do I see cause it's not really happening to me
I distance these images and noise with a surreal quality

I came to this town cause somehow it set me free
Now what I feel is panicky rush in the street
Paralysed minds, stagnant lives and shuffling feet
Who sacrifice daily life for a future no one sees

The first time Rachel and I went to Provincetown
We found ourselves a stoop and we sat down
For six hours we watched the people walk by
Women with women men with men and our open eyes
We were high
Open eyes

First Avenue is wide a the cars blow their horns at every red light
They rush to their offices to hide and the pause drives them wild
So I cross the street maybe to get me something to eat
And from across the way I hear "hey faggot" click into the fear


from Jesse Hultberg, released December 9, 2014




Jesse Hultberg Montpellier, France

Founding member of NYC band
3 Teens Kill 4.
Album "No Motive" Point Blank records 1982.
Performed at Wigstock in NY in the 80s. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wigstock
Appeared in the film Longtime Companion with the Fingerlakes Trio 1989 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longtime_Companion
Created Wildmonk Records and released the CD Jesse Hultberg 1994.
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